Monday, June 18, 2012

Le Freakz

Le Freakz

A new EDM (electronic dance music) group with a timeless sound. First single called "IT'S OVER" featuring vocals by Roses For The Mad Man. I've had this song on repeat all day, and was really listening to the lyrics and it was like telling my story of my break up of 3 years ago. Without a doubt these guys are very talented and can't wait to hear their next project. I've yet to learn who Le Freakz is and get the scoop, but rest a sure that I will get an interview hahaha! I've had the pleasure of knowing Roses For The Mad Man for a few years and also got to interview him as well. If you like to know more about R4TM there is a link below of the interview.

Interview w/ R4TM

Streaming and downloading song:




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