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Yeyo a singer from Granada (Andalucia) Spain.

With his electro pop, disco house sound, and lyrics there's no doubt that he will be taking people by storm. He comes from a family of musicians, and there is no surprise that he too followed in there footsteps. He lived in Barcelona for 6 years preparing as Yeyo, and then decided to move to Madrid to pursue his career as a singer. Yet he has little time living in Madrid, he has defiantly panted his seed with his name. His first single Miro La Vida Pasar was recorded, for a tribute cd to Alaska - lead singer of Fangoria (A band from Spain). Soon after that he recorded his own song Ídolo which was a big hit and his first single on ITunes followed by 5 other singles. I have to say that at this moment my favorites are El Globo, Un Chico De Ciudad, and Cambiando. For something more easy listening Desde Que Tú No Estás is my song, which talks about something we all have been through at one point in time. If I'm feeling more pop then Bien O Mal, and Ídolo is what I listen to.

This year has been a great year for Yeyo, performing in different parts of Spain, and finally performing in Madrid which was what he wanted the most. He's not to far from becoming a Superstar, working with producers who have made La Prohibida a Drag Queen Superstar in Europe and parts of the US & Latin America. You don't have to take my word for it, just listen to his music it says it all.

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Now For The Long Awaiting Interview

RAVEN: Hi Yeyo, first I have to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

YEYO: No thank you, the pleasure is mine.

RAVEN: For the people how aren't friends and family, how did you get your name Yeyo?

YEYO: Yeyo is short for my real name, when I was a child I was always asked how was my name pronounce. Then I saw that I could spell Yeyo with my name and it stuck, so everyone close and dear to me calls me Yeyo!

RAVEN: How long have you been doing music and what inspired you to do music?

YEYO: I've done music all my life, at the age of 5 I began to study music. To be honest I never said I wanted to a singer, it has always been part of me, the music, the arts, the dancing, and the shows. I come from a family of artist and musicians, so it's something I have inside of me.

RAVEN: Before becoming a solo artist, you had a group, with a different look right?

YEYO: Yes I did, and it was a great experience. We called ourselves "MALCRIADOS" and we recorded a few songs and had concerts all over Spain. I did have a different look, I had long hair. Now I colored it red and it's short. I love to change my look, change is good.

RAVEN: Did you guys come out with a cd?

YEYO: We didn't get to publish anything.

RAVEN: This has been a great year for you, playing in different venues in Spain. Do you have an event you liked the most?

YEYO: It's been 2 long years of hard work, and now living in Madrid. I can't complain I've been blessed with a lot of shows. I don't think I can say I have a favorite event, because they've all brought something special to me. It has been a pleasure to do these events.

RAVEN: Do you have any upcoming events, and where can we go for more information?

YEYO: There aren't any future events as of now, but in the talks of something interesting, come June and July. Nothing is set in stone, so I don't like to go into details about it to the public until everything has been settled.

RAVEN: Having come out with your first single Miro La Vida Pasar and 6 more on ITunes, Amazon, and other online stores, when can we expect a full album?

YEYO: Everything you see and hear online I post, move, and do myself. The lyrics are there and recorded a total of 12 songs. I continue to compose and work with my producer Gogui, and as far as having a full LP  theres no date as of yet, but hopefully soon. What I do want to do as of now is perform my songs live, which is what I enjoy the most. 

RAVEN: Do you write your own music and what do your lyrics talk about?

YEYO: I compose and write my own music, that talks about, how I live my life, my feelings, and things I image things are like. Normally I write best when I'm feeling down or not in a great mood sort of speak.

RAVEN: What direction are you taking this career and what do you look for at the end of it all?

YEYO: I want to live for music the rest of my life, have a following, meet interesting people, travel, collaborate w/other artist, have great videos and enjoy what I love doing.

RAVEN: Hope you're ready for personal questions, well not to personal.

YEYO: Ready!!

RAVEN: What does your family think about your music and are they supportive?

YEYO: Totally supportive, the most important thing. In general my family is dedicated to the arts and music, and are very open minded. Years ago I studied acting, and supported me but felt they couldn't help me much in that area, as much as they could with music. So needless to say they are very happy for me and enjoy my music as much as I do, as if it was there own. 

RAVEN: Being a very good looking guy, do you have someone special in your life?


RAVEN: When looking for love, what is it that you look for in a person?

YEYO: I don't look for love anymore, don't have time, and I dedicate a lot of time to my job.

RAVEN: If I looked at your ITunes or Ipod right now, what would be on your favorite playlist?

YEYO: I have so many different genres, but what I'm really hooked on right now is Femme Fatale by Britney Spears. I like Michael Buble, Rihanna, and of corse my Spice Girls which I never stop listening to. I just discovered Chinese and Japanese pop music, and loving it. As I answer the interview I'm listening to Miku Hatsune a 3D artist, I love it!

RAVEN: How did you like your visit to the States? I know there was not much you saw because you where working, but what you where able to see.

YEYO: I loved USA! I had the best time, both times I've been there.

Raven: We have to hit the nightlife again and show you what Hollywood is all about when you come back. How did you like it when we went out?

YEYO: I loved it! It was a pleasure to have finally meet you, and what better person to go out, party, and make noise then you, it was a pleasure.

RAVEN: It's come to the last question of the interview. What would you like to say to the people who want to be musicians?

YEYO: Well we are going through a tough time in the industry, but that we have to work hard, everyday. It's not about doing everything in one day, but to take it day by day. Being patient and confident is the key to success without a doubt.

RAVEN: It was a great pleasure, and I hope to have another interview with you, talking about your first album and catching up with you.

YEYO: Of corse! You can count on it, and it was a pleasure, talk to you soon!

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