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Move over Pete Burns I think we got a new artist rising from the fire. Androgynous artists are in the rise, and LadyLuxe is one of them without a doubt.  He's been wowing the audience where ever he goes. If you are a fan of the 80's era and a electro freak, theres no need to look any further LadyLuxe is here. Each song has a good story to tell, and my favorite tracks right now from his album HUMAN TOUCH are Don't Delete Me, Human Touch, Changed, & Sex Mission. As soon as his music hit my ears I fell in love with it. It has this mainstream but underground feel to it, which is what I love, something different and not commercial. LadyLuxe is defiantly one of my top artist I'm listening to right now. 

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LadyLuxe The Interview

Raven: Ladyluxe, how are you darling? 

Ladyluxe: I’m doing amazingly well, thanks.

Raven: I have to start by saying, once I heard your album I became a fan of yours. So 80's, electro, new wave, very sexy and def can't stop listening to the album.

Ladyluxe: That’s so great to hear. 80’s, electro, new wave and sexy were EXACTLY what I was going for. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much. I enjoy making it.

Raven: For those who are just discovering you, in 3 words how would you describe yourself?

Ladyluxe: One to watch

Raven: How long have you been in the music biz, and what inspired you to do music?

Ladyluxe: I started writing and recording music as “Ladyluxe” about 6 years ago. I was approached to be a front man in a band. The band didn’t work out but that’s when I discovered that I could write, compose, arrange and record music digitally. As a child, I would save my money to buy little keyboards and teach myself how to play songs on them by ear. I couldn’t record anything on them otherwise I would have. I’ve grown up and so has the technology to create and record music.

Raven: So what is the process of creating your music, and where do the lyrics come from when writing?

Ladyluxe: Sometimes the music comes first, and sometimes it’s the lyrics. The lyrics can be inspired by conversations, observations, my stories, other people’s stories or straight up fiction. I don’t have a strict process when it comes to writing the songs. I’ll compose the track and record the vocals as a demo. Then I wrap up each song with my producer Christian James-Hand aka “Producer Babes”.

Raven: Have you worked with other artists and who would you like to work with?

Ladyluxe: I assembled a troupe of ladies called “The ChoirDeLuxe” who perform background vocals on my songs “Hot Day” and “Sasquatch Woman”. The lead “Miss Saki” and I have performed live together a few times. Other than them, I’ve been solo. I’ve talked to a couple of artists about collaborating and I’m sure it will happen sooner than later. I’ve always thought it would be amazing to collaborate with classic pop artists like Madonna or Prince. And I think RuPaul is very talented and would be a lot of fun to work with.

Raven: Where can people usually see you perform live?

Ladyluxe: I recently performed at Jasten King’s “Headphone” Boylesque Cabaret, which was a great time. I’ve performed here in L.A. at clubs including Eleven, Here Lounge, Fubar, The Standard, The Rainbow and The Dragonfly for different club nights and events. I’m currently working on a live set with my new single “Sister With A Bad Habit” for new performances. I always post show dates on my Facebook page.

Raven: What has been the biggest moment of your career thus far?

Ladyluxe: Honestly the biggest moments have been the little things. Like noticing that someone is singing along to one of my songs at a club. Or hearing my song played live on internet radio – having a great album review published. They’re all the parts that create the bigger picture – that I’m accomplishing my dream and making it a hot reality.

Raven: Ten years from now you will be...

Ladyluxe: I think I will be enjoying a successful career in the music / entertainment business in one form or another. I think the next ten years is going to be one hell of a good ride.

Raven: What sets you apart from all of the other electronica artists?

Ladyluxe: I make it a point to infuse soul and emotion into my music, which can be overlooked in this genre. I try to paint a picture of the stories I’m telling through the lyrics as well as the music. And I like to turn up the drama. If you take the dance beat out of the mix, you’ve essentially got a bunch of ballads.

Raven: When it comes to the stage and fashion, how do you know what you will be putting together?

Ladyluxe: It’s often inspired by what song I’ll be performing and the venue it’s at. Though I always stay true to my core “look” with a super long braid or a lot of hair, smokey eyes, and stiletto boots. Everything else varies. My look and persona is androgynous and that’s what I portray on stage.

Raven: Do you think that your music will change as you grow as an artist?

Ladyluxe: Absolutely. It already is changing. I’m growing as an artist, a musician and an individual all at the same time which naturally impacts what I do. And I like where it’s going.

Raven: Is there a date when we can expect your album to be released?

Ladyluxe: I’m working on new music and will probably release another single or two before I put out another full album. 

Raven: What kind of following do you have? Like what’s the kind of crowd you bring to the dance floor...

Ladyluxe: Honestly, my fans come in all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Raven: Is there anything you would like to add or say to your fans and the people just discovering you?

Ladyluxe: I’d have to say “Thank You” for all of the amazing support and appreciation for my music and performances. And get ready for more new music. If you’re a new listener, check out my music at

Raven: Well Ladyluxe it has been a pleasure and thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me. I will be following you and keeping up with your projects and hopefully we can have another interview in the near future.

Ladyluxe: You’re welcome and thanking you for the great interview!

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  1. Good interview... I feel like Ladyluxe puts a lot of herself into the music and it comes from a deep place that means a lot.