Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Jer Ber Jones

When I hear  Model 4 Me the first thing that comes to mind is, when I first saw Jer Ber Jones perform live at the Key Club along with Dirty Sanchez and Avenue D. Ever since that night I was hooked, and have not stopped playing her music. Many may not understand her artistic and Tranimal ways, but it works for her. Without a doubt the music and lyrics are incredible, and who wouldn't want to be a model or have telepathic powers? I recommend to listen and buy Jer Ber Jones - Greatest Hits Volume 2, and her latest project called Push My Button (Feat. Jer Ber Jones) - Berdache.

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Raven: Hi JerBer, thank you for doing this interview, how are you?

Jerber Jones: I am doing great. Thank you. 

 Raven: The first thing I have to ask is where did you come up with the term tranimal, and what is a tranimal for those who don't know?

Jerber Jones: Tranimal popped out of my head when I was looking around for a word as an alternative to "drag queen", I have never really considered myself a drag queen. The word Tranimal seemed to fit what I was going through at the time. As per usual, I am a trend setter and everyone has since adapted the word from me. A "tranimal" would be someone who dresses in drag, but perhaps a bit more artistic, or street-urchinly, or performance artsy than your regular, tired, drag queen. 

Raven: For those who are just discovering Jerber Jones, who is Jerber Jones?

Jerber Jones: She is America's favorite Mormon polygamist, fashion/runway model/singer, and single-mom.

Raven: What inspires you to write the lyrics that you do and do you produce your own music?

Jerber Jones: Making music that pushes the boundries of tried and true pop. I always have some lyric popping into my head, it's been that way since I was a tiny kid. 

Raven: You have a remakable and unique sound, do you think you will change your style to adapt to an ever-changing world of music?

Jerber Jones: My music is always changing. In fact, people are always amazed at how many different styles I seem to fly in and out of.  Adapt is a word I would use cautiously. I find my music has, unfortunately, been ahead of the trends. So perhaps you would ask "Will the ever changing world of music adapt to Jer Ber's style?"

Raven: Is there an artist you would like to work with?

Jerber Jones: Many. I always welcome collaborations with truly talented musicians. I'd love to sing & make music with Royksopp, Karin Dreijer Andersson, Yoko Ono, Dieter Meier & Boris Blank, Brendan Perry, Millionyoung, Jack White...just to name a few.

Raven: What kind of following do you have? Meaning people and with your music.

Jerber Jones: On a global scale, my following is small. I have about 2,500+ active fans on facebook. They all help me in creating the myth that is Jerilyn Jones. 

Raven: Do you have any up coming event?

Jerber Jones: I have been turning down gigs left and right in order to record new music. I am also tired of singing in big discos and clubs with sub-standard sound systems and tiny budgets. My preference is to perform for a sit-down theatre/cabaret type audience. My work is layered with multi-media, dance, word, costumes and scenery.  I am currently looking for a new theatre residency.

Raven: It's been a while since you came out with a full LP, will we be seeing one soon?

Jerber Jones: Yes. I have an album of over 15 cover songs coming out this summer, it's a groundbreaking album. It's the first time anyone has ever released a collection of songs to have 2 (or more) versions of the same song, sung by the same person, in a mans voice and in a woman's voice. It's called "Berdache - Covered". It's inspired by the "two-spirit" Native American Indian community.  I am also trying to finish up some various new original songs that I have been working on. I always have a lot of songs brewing on the burners. The music industry is in shambles right now. It's been tough finding funding for my "trranimal" music. So it takes a long time when I am doing everything all by myself. 

Raven: Well Jerber time to say good bye to the kids ;) Thank you again for your time, and I hope to chat with you soon, best of luck with all your projects and future events. 

Jerber Jones: Thanks loverhole. Please visit my website or for up to date information. 


  1. Haha... Loverhole. I'd like to see Jerber at some point... but I do agree that a small theater-style venue is more for her type of work.

  2. That is why I lover Jer Ber she know exactly what to say haha!She puts on a show let me tell you.