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Originally from France he resided to Barcelona, Spain, where he had his first big single hit called Strawberry. The music video and track for Strawberry shows how talented he is and how far he's going to go. His music is a mix of electro house, and pop, and will definitely get you to shake your ass. The world has been waiting for something new and radio stations through out Europe will start playing his music, so US be ready to welcome him with open arms.

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The Interview with Edmond

Raven: Edmond a pleasure to finally have you doing an interview with me, a long awaiting but well worth the wait, and right in the nick of time with your new album LOVE AND POP, which is amazing btw.
Edmond: Thanks a lot! I’m glad you love it! It’s true that this time it took me longer than usual to have it released but I wanted it to be the closest to perfection I could. I worked really hard on it and it took me two years in total to finalize my project. I wanted to be able to make discover to my listeners the kind of tracks they are used to listen from me but also that I was also able to deal with other styles like jazz or pop from the 60’s.

Raven: So lets go back in time a bit, how it all started in Paris, France in the late 90's. From what I've read you have been influenced by electronic music, along with other styles. Who did you listen to or looked up to, that influenced your music back then?

When I was in Paris, I used to listen a lot to video game music. I was particularly attracted by 8bit sounds. My favourite artist at this time was Yuzo Koshiro. He was able to create amazing dance music with the poor systems we had at that time like the Genesis or the Super Nintendo. I advice you to have a listen to the OST of “Streets Of Rage” 1 and 2 for the Genesis, and “Super Adventure Island” for the Super Nintendo. They are truly amazing for that time!

Raven: In all these years creating music, how has the music world treated you?
Edmond: I think I always had a positive response from the public. I’m not really self-confident so it was kind of hard to me to accpet that when one friend told me my music was good, it really was. Actually, I had to wait until a few weeks ago, when I had a lot of positive feedbacks from radios from all around the world to finally realize that what I was making a good job. I really needed those external feedbacks to get a little bit more of confidence.

Raven: With 2 albums out, do you have any favorites from both, and if so which ones and why?
That’s a hard question. Logically when I make the selection for the songs that I will release, it means that I spent a lot of time on them and that I love them each in their ways…. Let’s think about it.
I would say that for “Outrageous” my two favorites are the two main songs I released as maxi singles which are “Back in club” and “Strawberry”.
“Back in Club” for the memories it brings back to me. I wrote this song when I was living in Tokyo and really missed a club I used to go with my best friend. When I was in Tokyo, I didn’t have a PC so I couldn’t compose music so I concentrate mainly on writing loads of lyrics and practicing my voice by going to karaoke three times a week at least.
“Strawberry” for the music video that I had a lot of fun to create with MSPaint. I remember taking pictures of the movements of my mouth to make it on the strawberries. It was a really funny time for me. I knew I could have made it with a lot faster program but I intentionally did it this way. I’m always up for a new challenge!

Raven: I saw that you performed at an event early this summer, where was it and how was it to be back on stage?

It took place in Montcada, a city near Barcelona where I’m currently living. It was a real pleasure for me to be back on stage as it had been 4 years I didn’t have any live performance. It’s always funny when you go back on stage because most of the time, as an electro singer, people always think that you’re going to do all the show in playback but that is something I just cannot do. It’s true that it’s kind of hard for me as I also compose the music so I can’t do everything at the same time but I always sing! This for sure. I couldn’t forgive myself to make my fans wait for such a long time to play them a CD hahaha

Raven: Will we be seeing a European tour anytime soon, or any up coming local events?

For the moment, I’m still concentrating on the promotion of my new album “love and pop” and am in contact with various radios around the globe. My songs will be played in radios fromFrance, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Romania, Greece, Canada, US, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. This weekend, I will have an interview on Skype with a radio in Quebec. At the beginning of September, I’ll have another one in Belgium and another one in October in France. I must say that for the moment I’m kind of busy but I would really love to make a local event here to present some new songs from “love and pop”. If so, don’t worry, I will let you know on Internet ;)

Raven: what can we expect in 2012? 
Edmond: First, for the end of 2011, I already have some plans. I just published yesterday my latest music video for the song “Tokyo, mon amour”. When I have spare time I will try to make new music videos to keep on promoting songs from “love and pop”. I have planned to make two new music videos but still don’t know exactly when it will happen and for what songs it will be so this could go until 2012.
    I also have a project to make a featuring with a new talented composer (Richard R.) and am currently working with a spanish dj (Edy Ramas) for a remix version of "Back in club". When  all of this is done maybe I'll start working on a new album! Who knows? One thing for sure, is that I never stop doing stuff about music so keep on following my adventures!

Raven: Where do you want to go with your music in the future?
Edmond: My goal is not to become famous and to live under the spotlights. All I really want is to be able to share my music and universe with the most people I can and discover by this way new people and new horizons. I would love, of course, to have the chance to make a concert in Japan which is the country I cherish the most! Maybe one day…

Raven: Is there anyone you would like to work with ?
Edmond: There are a lot of artists I would dream to work with like The Pet Shop Boys, Yasuharu Konishi, Simian Mobile Disco. Actually I’m always open to new featurings or collaborations so if you’re an artist reading this article, don’t hesitate to contact me! I don’t bite (not straight-away I mean hahaha). It’s always a great experience to have the chance to mix different sounds together.

Raven: For all your fans out there, what would you like to tell them?
Edmond: I would like to thank them for keep on following me! They are my source of strength and inspiration. I’m always happy to get comments on Facebook and be able to interact with them. I always reply to all the messages so don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always happy to keep in touch with you all!

Raven: Well I hope that we can do this again soon, lots of love from the US and good luck with your new album and future projects.
Edmond: Thanks a lot for your time! It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to express myself ! I send you back sunny rays from Barcelona and hope to listen to your new songs really soon too! Best of luck in your projects! You know I love what you do ;)
Chu J

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