Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Preston Bowman

ElectroPop artist from the US making his first interview debut with yours truly. I stumbled upon him on Twitter and discovered his music. He has a unique sound and has a very original and underground feel to him. As you may or may not know I'm a big fan of the underground scene and it's artists. Once I heard Verti-Go I wanted to listen to more and found myself getting hooked yet to another track called Toxic Demeanor. 

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Preston Bowman the Interview

RAVEN - Hi Preston how are you?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Fine thanks how are you?

RAVEN - I'm great thank you... Finally we're able to do this interview, seems like there was always something getting in the way right?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Yes I know! lol but at last we are here so to speak ;)

RAVEN - Yes that is true, so tell us who is Preston for your readers out there?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Basically if Britney Spears married Blink 182 and had a dorky gay sarcastic son, that'd be me.

RAVEN - Wow thats quit the combo lol!

PRESTON BOWMAN - Yeah imagine that sex tape lol!

RAVEN - No thanks I rather not ha! So describe your music and it's sound.

PRESTON BOWMAN - Electro dance with pop punk roots, electropop usually sums it up. My tastes are very electric and I like to show that in my music.

RAVEN - How long have you been creating your music?

PRESTON BOWMAN - I've been making music since I was 18 so about 10 years now. Wow I never realized it's been that long lol.

RAVEN - That is a long time but you're still young, so in the next 5 years where do you think you'll be with your music? 

PRESTON BOWMAN - Well I'm changing gears a bit, learned some new things, take some music college courses. In 5 years I want to be on the road in some capacity. I've toyed with the idea of starting a band but thats another animal entirely.

RAVEN - At the top of your head what song really represents you the best?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Crazy Boy, it was a very short toss up between that and Hostile Takeover.

RAVEN - Are there any artist you would like to work with on your next project?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Would love to work with Blood On The Dancefloor, and course Raven! On the label peep scale I could see me and Ke$ha having some fun, but I'd probably have to be her designated driver lol!

RAVEN - Well that sounds like a good list and thank you for adding me to that too ;) Lets talk about the projects you've done so far. You've released a EP Audi-Oh and a album Toxic Demeanor, where can we get our little hands on them?

PRESTON BOWMAN - For the Ep you can visit my band camp account join my email list for that free download. That was something I put together after the release of my first album Toxic Demeanor which you can download mp3 on ITunes, Amazon or CdBaby for cd format. 

RAVEN - There are a lot of gay artist breaking out on the mainstream charts how does that make you feel?

PRESTON BOWMAN - I'm glad that more gay artist are hitting the mainstream, we still have a ways to go. I just wish the out put was a little more diverse.

RAVEN - Are there any plans for any live shows this year?

PRESTON - Nothing laid out yet, I might put out another album before I go live. I'm thinking about doing a few web shows here and there.

RAVEN - Do you have a big following or are you still building the fan base?

PRESTON BOWMAN - That's a good question. Social media is a wonderful thing but it's a little hard to decipher who likes or follows you versus a fan. I would say I will always be building my fan base. It's kind of like trying to give a speech on a subway with everyone yelling. At some point I know I'll have to leave PA to get a bigger fan base.

RAVEN - If you had to move and make that big change for a bigger fan base where would you go?

PRESTON BOWMAN - I honestly haven't fully made the decision on if I want "big" vs "indie" so I'll cross that one when I get there. I've been thinking either New York or the UK. Talk about extremes lol!

RAVEN - Well I can't wait to see what you come up with next, and wish you the best of luck on it all. Is there anything you would like to add before the interview ends?

PRESTON BOWMAN - Is this the insert shameless plug question? LOL please visit me at my site prestoninside.com sign up for my email list and get a free EP. Oh and please prepare to see more of me in the future! Thanks for having me here Raven.

RAVEN - It has been a pleasure to have done this interview with you and hopefully once you've finished your second album we can do an update.

PRESTON BOWMAN - Of course, thank you the pleasure is mine as well.


  1. Yay I was the first interview of 2012! Thanks again ;)

  2. Yay! lol! Thank you for doing it.