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DPhill Spanglish

He is a hip hop/dance artist from Dallas, Texas, who has started a controversial movement called the XY MOVEMENT. Some calling it gender bending and others calling him androgynous. He say it's a freedom of expression, and fashion. He doesn't label himself as anything only as "I'M JUST FREE", he says putting a label only limits you on what you can do. The purpose of this XY movement is to let everyone know, you should not let fear hold you back and to take a risk. His vocals and style of raping gives off a vibe between OutKast and Ludacris, 2 well known hip hop artists of our time. His lyrics tell a great story and speaks of what he's gone through. Theres no doubt that we will see this young man rise from the ground and shine like a star. 

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Phone Interview

Raven: How you doing?

DPhill: I'm doing good man, traveling to this photo shoot right now.

Raven: Ok sounds good, so lets get this going, when did you start rapping?

DPhill: I started rapping when I was in 3rd grade, actually I started in 2nd grade doing free style. In the 8th grade I laid my first track and then I actually started pursuing it realizing I can something with it around umm... 16 I in the 10th grade.  

Raven: For your readers out there, In 5 words how would you explain your sound?

DPhill: I'm sticking to the genre called Organic which means kind of like letting the music come together. So you can compare it to some form of rock, a little bit of funk, of coarse hip hop, um a little bit of classical. I'm really influenced by a lot of people like Erykah Badu, Voodoo Doll 84, of coarse a lot of rock music like Jimmy Hendricks. So it has this experimental feel, just going with the flow, not really trying to hard just letting the music come out. 

Raven: Where do you get your inspiration to write your songs and whats your favorite part about the process? 

DPhill: I get my inspiration from every day life, I be going through something and a lot of times I get mad. Thats when I get my best songs when I'm angry, it's kind of a release. I'm a photographer as well and I see pictures and I get ideas in my mind and I just write about that. Really my songs are more like self help kind of like psychology where I can tell my story and hopefully help somebody else.

Raven: Who are your top 5 artist you listen to?

DPhill: Right now I'm a huge fan, shout out to Kid Cudi he's like my big brother, I relate to his music so much, I listen to a lot of random rock like Shevil, I listen to Alogon Heat, OutKast, Erykah Badu, Daft Punk, and random DubStep stuff.

Raven: I f you were given a chance to open up for an artist who is on tour right now, who would it be?

DPhill: Kid Cudi hands down.

Raven: What is the XY Movement, what it is, how it started and what's the purpose for it?

DPhill: The Xy Movement started as an idea in my mind and I was really venturing out, and expanding my mind to think outside of the box from what was normal. Then one day I had an idea of wearing lip stick, tights and different face paint and then I was like WOW! Theres more to life you know then just the norm. So I just started venturing out man and it took me a while to feel confident where I can do it in public and not worry about what people think. You know coming from the black community and the south it's really conservative. Texas for sure... a lot of people are quote on quote closed minded, so coming from that culture I just started thinking things together and just trying things that I like and I found what I liked. The whole XY Movement purpose really is to encourage to let go of things that hold them back such as fear. We are having a XY fashion show in June which will be a 3 day event. First day would be a party, 2nd day the fashion show and the 3rd day will be a gathering. So we'll keep you guys posted on dates and all that stuff soon.

Raven: Where can your fans and your readers take a listen and mixtape?

DPhill: and search for DPHILL SPANGLISH, and you can watch my videos on Youtube, follow me on twitter and you can LIKE my facebook page (links are below the black and white picture). I'm actually putting out an album called UNZIPPED on ITunes (On sale NOW!) 

Raven: Before we end the interview is there any words of wisdom you may have for the readers out there?

DPhill: Take your own advice... I would say that to everyone. A lot of times we don't realize that when we give advice, we're giving out advice that we need too. It's kind of self conscious, so I would say to anybody take your own advice. Take what life has to offer and just grow, to just push the best way that you can and to keep on living, no matter how are it gets or dark life seems the same just keep with it. 

Raven: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me.

DPhill: Thank you sir.

From his new album UNZIPPED 

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