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San Cha

She is the diva of dark pop music based out of the San Francisco area. She is young, vibrant, and brilliant with her lyrics. Inspired by many Latin and also American artists she has infused that into her music. The first time I heard her cover of the 80's big pop hit Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics, I was hooked and had to hear more and find out who she was. If you're looking to get some side action, or need a mistress, then San Cha's music is the pill you need, to release the beast within. She has a lot to offer and without a doubt she is a rising star. 

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Raven: Hello how are you?

San Cha: Good thanks, still at work for some reason I thought I was earlier lol!

Raven: You're starting to make a name for yourself in the music world. What made you want to become a singer and how long have you been singing?

San Cha: Usually when I see something I want to do and envision myself doing it, it always happens. I used to love Gloria Trevi, I used to watch her movies and her TV shows. She was WiLD! She was my early motivation towards becoming an attention whore. Must have been the her freedom and her energy that really made me want to be on a stage. I started to love Selena and Fey and I'd sing to them in my room all day. I wanted to do nothing more. I was so shy then, it was like my door to freedom. Complete freedom is what I really long for.
Singing, I've been doing alone in my room since I can remember. I've been singing in public since I was 11 in the church choir. In school at 15. Outside of school I started performing at open mics since like 2007. First at jazz piano bars. Then at songwriter nights, just me and a guitar. It's probably been 2 or 3 years since my first show.

Raven: How far would you like to with your music?

San Cha: I guess that's a problem I have because sometimes I think I want to stay independent no matter what. So as far as that can get me, because I think being a sancha, as a meaning of a sancha you're suppose to be the side.As opposed to being the main thing and I don't want anyone to idolize me. I guess I want to be underground and not on the pop charts.

Raven: If you had to Describe San Cha how would you put it into words?

San Cha: What it means is mistress, and I separated the words so it would have a religious context in SAN CHA you know. Sancha to me it's kind of like the alternative, the one who's going to say what she wants, because she's not the wifey, she's not being controled by that person, she doesn't belong to anyone. She's just the side, does what she wants, says what she wants, isn't apologetic, sneaky.. she has to be you know, and it's not her problem at the end of the day. I use it as a metaphor musically, where as everyone has there Lady Gaga, there Madonna, or Britney Spears, like they have there gods. I'm just like if you need a break I'm here lol

Raven: Well your music is good, I've been following you for a bit now, and love your cover of Sweet Dreams.

 San Cha: Aww thank you

Raven: How would you describe your style in fashion and in your music?

San Cha: Well right now, I don't know why, but I've been feeling black and see through is a lot of what I like. The drappier the better, most of the stuff I wear is vintage because it's the cheapest way to get something really fabulous. Sometime you can get something that looks grandma-ish, but then you cut off the stuff that covers it up and it's like see through, it's hot, and witchy at the same time. I feel like I'm suppose to be witchy, with my music I wanted to do... I'm working with a producer right now and we're working on is more tribal elements like drums cumbias and reggaeton-ish but really mixed with goth textures. So I want to kind of exude all of that, where I'm gonna be goth, but I'm also gonna be ghetto and show my ass. 

Raven: Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to your look?

San Cha: A lot of street wear, it's also just a feeling. I feel like I can't really control the way I'm gonna shop, you feel it I like that piece and you get it. It's almost like it's calling you, the inspiration is really everyone.

Raven: Are there any artist you looked up to growing up?

San Cha: Yeah, the typical latina story Selena, Gloria Tervi (first of all), Shakira. As I got more into music I started getting into Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin,when I started getting into english music. Jimi Hendrix, his crazy stage antics are my like my thing. The Doors Jim Morrison yes!

Raven: Given the chance to perform or to be featured in a song who would that be?

San Cha: Bomba Estéreo probably I've been obsessed with them for like the past week. They're from Colombia, they're electro but cumbia, very traditional cumbia and Colombian music. So they use all these electronic elements that kind of trip you out, but still hip hop and reggaeton-ish. I would love to do anything with them and just pick their brain

Raven: You had a show in San Fran not to long ago, what was it about?

San Cha: It was a whole production called Transfixed, focused on transgender issues, of that nature. There theme was gender within an environment and I have that song Straight to Hell that is my gender and sexuality within a religious environment. So like that's perfect, it was a 3 day event and I was given 7 minutes on stage which I also included the new version on Crown Me.

Raven: I read that you will be visiting the L.A. and will be performing out here for the first time. Where and when can we go see you perform?

San Cha: I will performing at Mustache Mondays in downtown L.A. April 30th, I believe I'm opening up for someone.  May 2nd I'll be performing at MJ'S Bar for there event called WHORE HOUSE. So I'm booked for those 2 nights.

Raven: I know you have a few tracks out on the net, when can we expect another EP or Lp?

San Cha: It's going to be a full length album, but the deadline I guess would be June 30th. I didn't want to put a deadline to it but people have been bugging me about it, and my producer said He wants to have it done before his 30th B-day. So I said if my producer wants a deadline I'm down, so his date was June 30th. 

Raven: Is there a song you have out now that has a lot of meaning to you and why?

San Cha: Crown Me is the song I love to perform the most because it talks about acceptance and it's like a tragic beauty queen story, how all of us want to be accepted and some of us will go to far. It talks about my turning point in my life where I was like I don't give a F**k anymore. There was a time in my life where I was super shy and now it's like No bitches I'm not shy anymore and I don't care. 

Raven: As you grow more as an artist, do you think your style will change and do you think it will go more of a mainstream style?

San Cha: I think my music is already pop, because it's pop music format. So I don't know how else to give in should be like my thing. To change my style would be to change my fan base and I think people can get use to it after a while, more then me get use to them.  I don't think at this point i would want to change my producer. 

Raven: Well thank you so much for doing this.

San Cha: No thank you, and talk to you pretty soon.

Raven: Have a good night bye.

San Cha: You to bye.

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