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After 2 years of hiatus he's back with a new single called MAKE ME DANCE. I remember discovering him on MySpace years ago, and listening to his music thinking how talented he is. He is definitely re-inventing himself with this new dance pop sound. A few of my favorite songs are SHOWGIRL, LET'S DEFY GRAVITY, AT THE DISCO, and (of course the hot new single) MAKE ME DANCE. His passion for music and the talent he has to create it is going to take him far.

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 Raven: Hi Halohead!

Halohead: Hello, Raven! 

Raven: It's been quite some time since we've heard anything about you! How are you?

Halohead: I know! I'm back from the dead... fiercely!... definitely feeling quite fantastic... and SUPER excited about my brand new single "Make Me Dance", which is now available on iTunes. 

Raven: I'm very excited that you've come back with what I think is going to be a big hit. How long have you been working on this project?

Halohead: Well, in producing this track, I was quite particular in how I wanted it to sound. And being as though I've been M.I.A for a while, I thought that coming back with a hot track would be a smart thing to do. So I needed a new sound, better quality, and relevance to the dance music scene. I started writing this song back in March of this year, then finally got around to producing a sound around the lyrics, last month. Then at the beginning of this month, I finalized the track. So in all, it took about 2 months to pull this project together.

Raven: Can we expect more singles or an album soon?

Halohead: There's definitely going to be some remastered re-releases of two songs from my EP I released back in 2010. And I'm also releasing another brand new single, as well as an exclusive remix cd, later this summer. But as far as an album, I don't have an exact date set in stone, but I'll definitely reveal more details about that later this summer. But overall, I'm excited about the new sound and direction of my new music. Can't wait to share my new music with everyone!

Raven: Lets go back a few years to the MySpace years. lol How did this drive to make music come about?
Halohead: Good question. To be completely honest, I've always had a passion for entertainment, but as far as music... in my late teen years, I was never really interested in making music or becoming a recording artist. For one, I felt as though I couldn't sing. And the thought of being a "recording artist" was something I thought I'd never be. Growing up, dancing and singing in the mirror and pretending to be one of the Spice Girls, was a fantasy I'd act out. I was really imaginative as a child and would fantasize quite a bit, about being a singer or fierce superstar. I grew up in the tunnel vision of listening to mainstream music. But of course, when MySpace was introduced, I was exposed to genres such as Electro, Techno, and "flamboyant" pop music. For example, artists such as Jeffree Star, Medic Droid, and Electric Valentine, are all artists whose music and image I instantly fell in love with. I was hooked! And of course, after those three artists/bands being an inspiration to me at the time, I decided to create my own music as an outlet, to see if I were capable of making some fierce tunes, just as good as those guys did. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. All I know is that I wanted to keep my stuff original, but also keep it to the similar sounds of those artists who inspired me.
Raven: Do you still keep up with MySpace and still up load music on there?

Halohead: No. I kind of fell off the map with using MySpace, because in a sense, MySpace lost it's relevance of sharing music. But now that I look back, I realize that MySpace is actually a genius social media site, to reach out to people to listen to your music. But unfortunately, relevance is key. And sites such as Facebook and Twitter have taken the social media world by storm, leaving MySpace in the dust. No shade to MySpace though. But maybe I should consider using MySpace again, to reach out to the very few people who use it. Now that's shade. Ha!

Raven: So why the name HaloHead ?

Halohead: I was a varsity cheerleader in high school, back in 2006. At one of our cheerleading practices, I broke my neck while practicing a back-tuck... which is a back flip in mid-air, without touching the ground with your hands. Since the neck break was so severe, I was given the option to have surgery done on my neck or wear a halo brace for an extended period of time. Fearful of surgery, I went with the halo, in which I had to wear for 3 months (And yes... it's that thing Regina wore in the movie "Mean Girls"). I was unable to take the halo off, because it was bolted into my skull... literally. Most painful shit ever! But the fact that this giant contraption on my head wasn't going anywhere for a while, I had to deal with it. I didn't let it stop me from doing ANYTHING. As a matter of fact, with the halo on, I went back to work the same day I got out of the hospital. And after wearing the halo for so long, it definitely challenged my mental strength and after finally getting the halo off, I felt like a completely different person. Later, when I started making music, I chose this name because it represented the new person I became, after my experience; a strong and fearless being, with a fierce ball of energy needing to be unleashed.

Raven: For those who don't know you, tell us... Who is Halohead?

Halohead: I'm an artist, who's got a passion for pleasing a crowd and making music that makes people feel whatever emotion I'm trying to convey. And the more I move forward in this industry, the more I expect to grow and re-invent myself. I have a lot to learn. And the best is yet to come.

Raven: Most artist have a style and a "look", what's yours?

Halohead: I like playing around with different styles and looks, simply because it's fun and I love creativity. But if I were to be placed in a single category, based on style, I'd have to say it would be... "new age dance queen"... if that even exists. It exists now... cause I just made it up. lol Now I gotta make it werk!

Raven: For your fans in Texas where can they go to see you perform or party? 

Halohead: Haven't performed live in a while, but you can definitely catch me partying and lounging at a few hotspots in the Dallas area, such as S4, Lizard Lounge, and PeacePipe. And when I'm down in the College Station area, I party it up at Club Halo, in Bryan, Tx.

Raven: Will you be releasing any of your old work? 

Halohead: As I mentioned before, I'll be re-releasing 2 remastered songs from my previous EP. But I've also been working on recreating and revamping one of my old songs, which I may release later this summer.

Raven: In the meantime, where can everyone download your new single?

Halohead: My new single "Make Me Dance" is available to download on iTunes, AmazonMp3, GooglePlay, Spotify, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, and Nokia.

Raven: Anything you want to say to your fans and new readers?

Halohead: Special shout out to all my stans, for the love and support you've all displayed for me. I hope that you all continue to display your support and share my music with the rest of the world. And to my new readers... Let's create this Army of Angels! This is only the beginning! And the best is yet to come!

Raven: Well, I'm really glad you are coming back with a great hit. Wishing you the best and can't wait to see what you will be bring us with your music. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. 

Halohead: Most definitely! Anytime!

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