Sunday, December 9, 2012

Edoprod 10th Anniversary

It's been a year since Edmond released his second LP titled "Love and Pop". He has since then reached his 10th year anniversary in music, and is releasing a 3 disk album tracking 30 songs. I'm super excited for this album because it will include never before heard or released songs. Some in which didn't make  his albums "Outrageous" & "Love and Pop". He is releasing a single called " To The Top" to kick off his album "Edoprod 10th Anniversary" following a music video for it. The track is def a club hit and I can't wait to get my hands on this single. It's a HOT!!!! track and if you don't trust my word, then there is a link below to listen to it NOW!. I've known Edmond for some time now and I have to say he's a very sweet and talented man, and I can see he has come a long way with his music, and always amazes me with the music he puts out. I can't wait to go through this journey of a moment in time where it all began and into the present. "Edoprod 10th Anniversary" is to release 12/20/2012 in all online stores. If you can't wait you can sample part of the album on Amazon (Link below). For more info on Edmond make sure you visit his web page.


Stream "To The Top"

Sample part of the album:




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