Tuesday, January 8, 2013



The Fame, Fame Monster, & Born This Way 3 great pop/dance albums. I remember listening to Gaga before she hit mainstream. I have to be honest I didn't think she was going to make it, because her music at the time was to dance for mainstream and America was not ready for it. When I heard Just Dance on KISS FM and saw her at club Tiger Heat in Hollywood I knew she had made it. She has done a lot then most artist have and she has made her mark in pop culture. She has become a trend setter in fashion, art, and has become a gay icon. She has proven that no matter how many times you get that door slammed in your face, someone will open that door and invite you in. When she's not on stage or in the studio, you can find her fighting for human rights and the gay community. Very few people got her vision in her music and fashion, but I think all the club kids around the world got her. You can say that she has definitely pushed the envelope since Madonna in the 80's. 

While on tour she had been writing and recording new music for her album ART POP that is to be release sometime this year. It is said that she has recorded 50 songs and is having a hard time picking what songs to release in the album. Due to this she has stated that she might release Art Pop in 2 parts, volume 1 being more pop mainstream and volume 2 a bit more underground glam techno hip hop. I don't  think I've ever been this excited for a mainstream artist to release an album. This album sounds like it's going to be more of my type of music (underground indie/electronic music is my style). I've grown to like pop music now because of the infusion of electro dance in it. Gaga one of the few artist who started this pop dance era in the US. I definitely can't wait to hear what her glam techno sounds like, Gaga this will be your year once again. 

With this I leave you with the Judas music video

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