Monday, January 28, 2013

Photostat Machine

Photostat Machine is this electro synth pop band from the great UK. They have this Depeche Mode/SoftCell/Ersure/Visage feel to them, very 80's but then again isn't that were the synth sound comes from. I remember discovering them on Sound Cloud when looking for new artist to listen to. As soon as I listened to their music I was hooked. Like I've said before I'm addicted to underground artists and really don't listen to mainstream pop but I do keep up with the music. I'm definitely more into the pop scene now that electronica and dance has take the US by storm. Once you listen to their music I'm sure you'll become a fan of there's. Just to name a few of my favorites like: Nothing Song, Something I know, Lately, Epic Fall, Rollover Die, & The Final Insult a few of the song I picked from their 3rd LP titled Preview/Transmission released in June 2012. My advice to you if you haven't already is to go check them out on Sound Cloud and Band Camp. Just a little heads up they're coming out with a new album soon and I can't wait. There's so much to know about this band and I think an interview with this duo is well over due on my end I think. With that said, I need not say more but that you need to head over to BandCamp stream and download a few of their songs. It's worth every penny I promise you, also Photostat Machine and I collaborated on a track I created and it turned out amazing. For details and streaming/downloading please check out the links below.


Collaboration song - I LUV U





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