Monday, April 1, 2013

La Prohibida

La Prohibida an international drag diva from Spain. She has become a big sensation throughout latin America and the US. In 2005 she released her single and first album titled FLASH, which was the song that put her on the map. Her music video for flash has over 1 million hits and continues to rise till this day. She released a few other videos from her album like NO BUSQUES COMPAƑIA, LABIOS DE HIEL, & EN LA PARDE. This album was very experimental having everything from tech-pop, electronica, to a slow romantic bald track. In 2006 she released another music video titled EN PLAN TRAVESTI which was another hit but not from the album. In 2008 she presented her song ONE WAY INTERRAIL to Eurovision to represent Spain, sadly she was not given the chance to represent Spain in Eurovision. 

In 2009 she released her second album SR. KUBRICK ¿QUE HARIA USTED? A year after she released a music video titled TERECHKOVA following a second video called CUANDO DOS ELECTRONES CHOCAN, it is said she would be releasing a 3rd video for this album but no date has been set to be released. 

Knowing the international diva that she is and traveling Europe she headed out to France in 2010 or 2011 to record 3 songs for an ep she had set on releasing in 2012. While doing so she recorded a music video and released it back in 2011. The name of the song is MA CULOTTE SERA TA TOMBA and it's a synth pop kind of track and I have to say it reminds me of the 80's song Fade to Grey by Visage, a band ahead of it's time and timeless if you ask me. Unfortunately she didn't release the ep do to editing purposes and wanting it to be in her eyes "perfection". Like any artist out there they want to release something everyone will like and with that comes perfection from the lyrics, vocals, to the editing of the project and it's final product. I think its worth the wait and it only means once we hear it, it will be mind blowing. Everything she does is amazing and as an artist she carries herself very well and is a great example of what a talented queen is and should be.

I've had the great pleasure to have meet her the few times she has come out to Los Angeles doing a tour in Cali. La Prohibida has touched my life and influenced so much in the my music I create today and the love for the underground artist. I would like to proclaim myself and I think she knows that I am her number 1 fan and will continue to be. 

We all have our own taste in music and sometimes we like an artist and sometimes we don't and then there are times when they grown on us. 

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