Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leticia Con Z

Leticia Con Z is a spanish group that composes comedy, electronic, & pop music. This band was form in the early 2000's, and throughout the years they have released various singles and collaborated with many artist. I want to say I discovered this band about 2 years ago and fell in love with them when I heard their first single Curry y Melocotón. As you all may know in my last blog I wrote about La Prohibida a drag queen from Spain and how much she is my idol and the inspiration in my music. She did a LiveStream online show where she brings on a special guest to do the LiveStream with. It so happen that the lead singer of Leticia Con Z was thee special guest and was very excited to know that they had collaborated together. The name of this song is called Tres Gardenias and there are 2 versions of this song. One being indie electronica with a hint of flamenco and the 2nd being very spanish bulero flamenco. The way this band infuse all those sounds is amazing, which is why many underground artist want to work with them like myself lol! With the 2 song's I've talked about I would like to list a few more for you guys to check. Starting with El Ultimo Ser Vivo featuring Moni Morticia it's a dark pop song, Cinema, Untouchable featuring Dj Trikinosis this song is very electro pop, Cutiful Sadness featuring Drian Dreamer & Aldana and this song is a club hit, and my new favorite of theirs' El Rey De Europa. If you don't know spanish no need to worry because they also sing in english and not only that, but their music is sure to make you want to dance. Like I always say you don't need to take my word for it just check them out for yourself. I'm hoping that Leticia Con Z releases a full length album in the near future "cough" "cough" (^_^) . I'm happy to announce that the band and I are in the works on recording a song together so keep a look out for that soon 2013! 

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El Rey De Europa Music Video

Curry y melocotón (y un ragú en Moscú mix) 

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