Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deadly - Photostat Machine

If you haven't read my first blog about this band I suggest that you do.

This album has been giving me life ever since it was released and can't stop playing it. If you're a synth pop, electro pop or better yet a Depeche Mode fan then look no further more. Photostat Machine is the band you're looking for. If you take a listen to the older stuff it is very different from this album. It's like they wanted a new and fresh sound to what they're use to doing, I think this was a great move on their behalf. Every song on this album is amazing but the one that has been the my favorite is "Fallen". 

I can sit here and rant about them, but I think that it's better that you just listen to them and judge for yourself. So down below are links to their SoundCloud,BandCamp and other networking sites.





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