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La Neige En Plein Été - Edmond

Edmond is known for his electro pop sound, but this time around he went a different route. Although it's not what we're use to, it still has the Edmond touch to it. This R&B album was dedicated to his grandparents that past away earlier this year. Things are looking up for Edmond and I had the pleasure to interview him once again. It wasn't so much of an interview, but more like 2 old friends catching up. I have to say that at the time he released this album I was going through my own personal thing and it was like this album was the theme song of my life at that moment, if that makes any sense. I love his cover of BANG BANG by Nancy Sinatra, I must say he's done a few covers and he's done them very well. With that being said here is the interview.

RAV3N: Edmond it's been a long time we've had a sit down and an update with your music, what have you been up to lately?

EDMOND: I was quite busy promoting my new album "la neige en plein été" that was released on the 14th of February. It has been released in both physical and digital format. 5 music videos have been made out of this album and 8 tracks from this 10-track album are already in the top ten of spottily! I'm so glad and thankful. I didn't think it would be such a success!

RAV3N: Why didn't you expect that much success?

EDMOND: Because it's a really different album from the former ones. It's a lot more like revealing myself a lot more. The type of music is also different. I mainly do electropop but, for this one I wanted more of low-tempo, r&b songs... I thought my audience would be disappointed because it wouldn't be what they expected to. I had really positive feedback, and people told me they still could find my "touch" in it even if the music style is different. What about you? what do you think of "la neige en plein été" (I'll play the blogger hihihihi).

RAV3N: I personally love it, I think you and I think very similar in trying something different and also going through a rough patch, so to see this side of you I loved it from the start. Can we talk about what inspired you to do this album a bit?

EDMOND: I understand. You know that my music is a reflection of my life and feelings too as for the inspiration, and like I said it on the CD booklet, this album is dedicated to my lost loves and to my grand fathers. I went through a lot lately but I'm glad at the same time that it helped me in creating this album. What will always inspire me is love and all the aspects it can have.

RAV3N: Now the song And U Go is that about an old lover who left you?

EDMOND: Yep it was my first and true love. I often talk about him like on the song "Stay By My Side" I also wrote about him on the song "Anonyme" from my deut album "Outrageous". He´ll always be in my heart and my songs.

RAV3N: Interesting would love to hear that love story but we'll leave that for another time lol.

EDMOND: Let's keep a little bit of secret.

RAV3N: I saw you were running for best French artist in Barcelona, Spain (which i voted) how did that go?

EDMOND: Actually, it all started back in 2012. This french radio in Barcelona, Spain was just starting. I sent them some demos and they loved it. We had various interviews together and I even won in the best artist of the year 2012 for the Barcelona french awards. They're doing it again so they asked me to be part of the selected for the awards. We even had a professional photo shoot! it was real fun! You can vote here: Let's cross fingers so that I can be artist of the year this year again! I also was contacted by a TV in Brooklyn, NY because they want to broadcast the music video of "To The Top" from my triple album "Edoprod 10th anniversary".

RAV3N: Well the best of luck to you on that.

EDMOND: Thanks, I really hope it'll work out! I really want to do my best to represent France here in Spain!

RAV3N: Will you be performing live anytime soon and will you do any numbers from your new album if so?

EDMOND: I'm not thinking about performing live for the moment. I have a lot to do so I can't concentrate on this and I don't think the last album is a one to perform live. It would be too emotional for me. Let's wait for the next one! so far, I've released 16 singles (

RAV3N: Have you started working on new music for the next album?

EDMOND: I have some titles already finished, but I always take a lot of time to make the final selection for a new album. No hurry!

RAV3N: That is great hear, well you also got to give this new album a good run as well, an artist job is never done. Are there any other project your fans should be looking out for?

EDMOND: Exactly! and don't worry, there's still time! the new album "la neige en plein été" has just been released 2 months ago. I'm actually working now with my niece. She even made a complete choreography on "amour d'hiver". I would like her to become one member of the Edoprod team soon. I would love to show everyone but due to her being 11 I rather not put her in the spot light just yet.

RAV3N: I think we all can understand that.

EDMOND: I AM looking forward to make a new song with you!

RAV3N: Making music with you is always great , maybe I can have you featured in my up coming album.

EDMOND: Why not! that would be a great pleasure! "Fade To Grey" was my best moment!

RAV3N: Fade to Grey is an all time favorite and we had great feed back on that song and so much fun going it together. When you go to France, do you ever get inspired to write a song or a beat?

EDMOND: Well, most of the videos were made there. The pictures were also taken there. That's where my roots are and that's why I wanted them in the music videos of this album so that it reflected my real self. My childhood was there my first memories. With the loss of both my grand-parents in just one year, with who I spent all my childhood was quite harsh on me. I dedicate this entire album to them. I want them to be proud of me wherever they are and see i'm doing my best to honor their memories.

RAV3N: I'm sorry for your lost and I think to dedicate this album to them is amazing. Is there a song on the album that is your favorite that talks about them?

EDMOND: The song is called "La Neige En Plein été" (the snow in full summer). All the video is about snow surrounding a summer-like beach. The snow actually represents the dust of my grandfather that we spread into the atlantic ocean. At the time I was filming that I didn't know that this would be the exact place where we would spread his ashes. That's why I'm talking about the snow in the full summer because it represents the ashes melting with the heat of the summer into the ocean. The paradox between the summer and the pain it can cause. i wouldn't say i have any favorite song on this album. I see it more like a complete work. Not just one on the side.

RAV3N: Would you say this album has been the most personal album you've put together as far as talking about your personal life?

EDMOND: Yes, it definitely is. I exposed myself the most in this one. I never thought that being so real and mixing so many languages in the lyrics would still interest my lovers (i call my "lovers" my fans"). This makes me think that it's been quite a long time I didn't update my own blog...

RAV3N: I love how you mix the languages and how you make it work, rare to hear someone do that the way you do. Yes we need you to get back to blogging up date your fans lol!

EDMOND: I have so many inspirations. anD I'm always thinking on different languages so sometimes, I find a better way on one language or another. I think that's why I mix them so much. I promise I will really soon! I already try to be the most present on social networks.

RAV3N: s there anything else you want the readers to know? Updates, the album itself, or words of wisdom?

EDMOND: I just want to say that I hope I can still keep on make them dream and feel about my music! I promise I'll be back soon and keep on making music to spread all over the world, and also a chu to everybody ("chu" is the japanese sound for "MUAH").

RAV3N: Well I'm glad we got a chance to do this interview, I feel like it was much more revealing of who you are as a person and not just as an artist, thank you

EDMOND: Thanks to you! like always, had a great time chatting with you.


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